Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Preston Park and Museum

Yesterday we went to Preston Park and Museum with the Tees Valley Home Education Group. The weather was cold and wet so unfortunately we couldn't take advantage of the outdoor aspects which was a shame, but we had a good time all the same.

After having a bit of a melt down in reception Miles went to the car with Soo for a nap. It was good to have the opportunity to spend time with just Hermione - although I think she was much more keen to spend time with the other kids than me - which is fine of course.

We went to 'Period Street' where we saw a blacksmith at work. It wasn't long since we talked about how metals can change when heated so it was great to see this actually happening. We looked in some of the other shops including a toy maker where you could see into three rooms where rocking horses were in the different stages of production.

We moved on to an area where you could look into household rooms which were set out in period fashion. These really appealed to Hermione and I was very impressed with them too.

We must go back some time soon. I think it would be an excellent place for Hermione and Nana to spend time and have good chats about the olden days.
Miles tried his hand at some wattle and daub.
On the evening Craig and Hermione set off to Stanely for their first Woodcraft Folk meeting but couldn't find the actual venue and decided to head off to Borders instead. Craig is going to ring the local contact and get more precise directions for next week.
Painting a model cat photo holder which she received as a birthday present from friends.
Still agonising over curriculum's. To use one or not - that is the question. So many advantages but so many down falls too. Had a look at Five In a Row today. Still pondering.

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Helen J. said...

WOW Angelica is made up that Hermione likes her present that she chose for her. I just showed her the photograph and she is smiling :)

I am struggling with curriculum as well for Ivan. I feel he needs more structure than all the others did but then when I try and do it somehow it just doesnt work and it is making him less interested I fear.

Back to the drawing board on that one.

Let me know what you think of five in a row


Helen x