Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Elderflower champagne

We've had a quite an easy going day today after our trip out yesterday.

Hermione and Nana headed into town to buy Uncle Brian a birthday present. They were away longer than I expected and that was because they had called into Waterstones and Hermione spent time reading books out loud to Nana. I think we're really making that transition right now from reading being perceived as a chore to it being a pleasure.

In the meantime Miles and me bumbled at home. We played between snacks but in all honesty most of the day has been spent snacking. He wasn't too well last week and off his food but he's certainly making up for it now. In addition to three good meals he has eaten two raw carrots, two oranges, three nectarines and a banana today. It amazes me how much fruit and veg that boy can eat!

We picked the first of our broad beans but the beans inside were quite small. We enjoyed them with dinner but I think it will be two to three weeks before I pick more.

We also picked some more elder flowers and have started to make elderflower champagne from this recipe. I've never made anything like this before but it seems very straightforward.

The flowers and lemons looked and smelled good when they first went into the pan but they're looking and smelling less so now. Will have to wait and sample the finished product before forming any opinions though.


Bridget said...

Champagne certainly looks good, very pretty. Let's hope it tastes as good as it looks.

mb said...

we went strawberry picking yetsterday too! i also am embarking on raw food eating...perhaps we could kick back and forth recipes. i am into Ani Phyo's book...which i am planning on writing about soon!