Thursday, 24 May 2007

Castle Eden Dene

This morning we did our 'normals.' We played the ladybird game and the Jolly Phonics books made a brief appearance too.

We read Katy and the Big Snow. I can see Hermione is starting to get bored wit this one. Of all the FIAR titles we have read so far I think this one is the one most aimed at younger listeners. Having said that it does still hold a lot of opportunities for discussion and exploration.

Following on from the story today we looked at something else which helps a city to run smoothly - traffic signals. I was surprised at how many the girls already knew. After that we looked at the compass on the map in the story, talked about N,E,S and W. I placed four sheets with N,E,S and W in what I hope were the appropriate points in the garden and we played a game in which I shouted a direction and the girls headed that way.
This afternoon we visited a friend and went for a walk at Castle Eden Dene I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish we could have spent more time there but I was conscious that we had left Soo and Miles back in our friend's garden and I started to worry about nappies, suncream etc

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