Wednesday, 16 May 2007

The Mona Lisa

We continued to study The Clown of God today.

We looked at the Leonardo da Vinci book we recently read and noted from the illustrations how it appeared to be of a similar time - the Renaissance.

This lead onto a closer inspection of the Mona Lisa. I had printed the picture off in A4 size and asked that they cut it into sixths. They then pieced it back together again like a jigsaw.

We placed our story disc on Italy on the globe. I need a map solution for the story discs. I've asked around on a couple of home ed lists but I'm still not sure where I will get a really really big one. We sang 'long legged Italy kicked little Sicily right into the sea' over and over too - they liked that!

We did a bit of work with some Letterland word flashcards. I'm feeling really upbeat in comparison to a couple of weeks ago about Hermione's reading. I think she is coming on in leaps and bounds. She just doesn't appear to follow the patterns you would expect, but then we know everyone learns differently. We revised symmetry by once again making symmetrical patterns with coloured pens on grid paper. This went down well last time and was a hit again. We started and almost finished a game of 'rocket' (home made simple additions game) before Miles woke and pieces were hurriedly put away.

This afternoon Hermione practiced her skipping as she knew that was what they were doing at Rainbows this evening. She hasn't said a great deal about it but I think she enjoyed it. She certainly seemed to be happy when she came home. They had been skipping individually and together across a long rope.

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