Friday, 25 May 2007

Last of the Big Snow

I'm pleased to say we finished Katy and the Big Snow today. I really don't think we could face another day of it. There just isn't enough 'to it' if you know what I mean to hold much attention for long - the activities we have done have been fine but the story itself hasn't grown and developed as the week has gone on.

We started with our 'normals' which once again consisted of the ladybird game, placing numbers in order of size and some flashcards - uh oh, I feel another rut coming on!

Following 'normals' we read the story and once again attempted to remember the ten listed characteristics of the snow plough. We looked at some snow ploughs in action here and

In the story Katy is personified. We talked about this and decided to write a story personifying something which is important to us. Hermione chose to write about her blankie which she has for some obscure reason always called 'Gold Paws'. She grasped the concept of personifying something and her writing today was good. Her b's and d's now face the right way and words have reasonable spaces between them. I'm pleased.

We ate lunch alfresco today. It was wonderful. The sun was beating down and there was no need to mop and sweep around the high chair afterwards. We messed in the garden till dance class time at which Nana headed off with the girls and I took Miles down the main street for a wander. As per usual he insisted on calling into the pet shop to see the parrots. Hermione also had a great fascination for birds at this age. Afterwards we walked up to the fields at the top of the village to see three horses and their foals. Dancing isn't on for the next two weeks. I suspect Rainbows and Badgers will be off for half term too.

I saw a really moving video clip about children and schooling today called Animal School. You have to click on the purple rectangle to see the clip. I picked up the link from a home ed list.

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