Saturday, 26 May 2007

Treasure Hunts and Mind Mapping Durham

This morning we had a treasure hunt in the back garden with clues designed around the points of a compass. We didn't actually have a a compass to use - just established the directions before we began. The final clue lead to crisps and juice on the dining room table. All in all a big success.

Following this the girls decided to 'play school'. There was much activity as they printed out lots of handwriting practice sheets from the computer and made up their own word and number bingo's. They completed all the handwriting sheets and played the games of bingo's with great enthusiasm. This made me think about how much more they enjoy doing something which they are actively directing. They were doing what we often all do together in 'normals' but they were so much more enthusiastic as they were orchestrating everything themselves. All fairly obvious really, it was just one of those moments where it is highlighted today.

This afternoon Hermione and Nana headed off to Clayport Library for a Mind Mapping Durham session. They both enjoyed it. They had helped to make what sounded to be a collage of Durham using various pictures and craft materials. The collage is to be displayed in the library soon. We must find out when and go and see it.

Our Horizon Maths things arrived today. I've just glanced through but it looks quite good. I suspect we will make a start next week.

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