Thursday, 17 May 2007

Excitement mounts

Well, I found it difficult to apply myself to anything today as I'm so excited about Helen arriving tomorrow.

We hurriedly finished The Clown of God this morning. We looked at some things which were invented around the time of the Renaissance - spectacles, submarines, microscopes, flushing toilets and portable clocks. We then followed with a 'Shiny Show' style quiz about Italy and the Renaissance - nothing high brow, just bits and pieces of basic knowledge.

Topped that off with 'normals' and that was it before I hurriedly returned to frantically trying to sort out the house and actually achieving very little.

We have chosen a book to start next week - Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton. It seems quite light weight and I think that is for the best as it will be a hectic week.

Not much else to report today save for the fact that something is eating our courgette plants! It doesn't look like slugs. Suspicion is currently on the wood pigeons.

Off now to continue getting things sorted.

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