Thursday, 27 September 2007

Hermione is feeling much better today thankfully and helped gather some 'free' food from the garden.

A mouse or possibly a hen had already had a nibble at the huge courgette. We had to chop the end off before we stuffed and baked it.

Those tiny little red things are alpine strawberries. Delicious! You have to fight Miles off to get any of those.

We read the story of Peresphone and the Pomegranite Seeds today from Celebrating the Great Mother by Cait Johnson and Muara Shaw. We then chatted about how the seasons come about and to what extent we believe stories and legends.

This evening we finished the battered old copy of The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner which I picked up on Amazon Marketplace. She has enjoyed it and asked me to look for more. It makes a change from The Secret Seven and Famous Five.

Miles has busied himself with a floor size ludo and a tub of dried up play doh today.

Oh, how I love the smell of 'real' play doh. I generally make ours but we stumbled across a box which had been bought as a present the other day and I can't help but have a sniff whenever they have it out. I once had this conversation with another home edding family about the smell of play doh and and the lady assured me that in the States (she was American) that you can buy the essence to add to your own to make it smell the same. Not certain I would go to those lengths but it's odd to think there is an 'Eau de Play Doh' out there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm 'real play doh' I love that smell too!!!

Thanks for the gift ideas, I have'nt seen those 'herb bags' where would I get one from?

Claire said...

The ones I had were a gift. I'm not sure where they were bought from. I've had a quick google and found this which seems to be the same sort of thing.

Anonymous said...


Wobblymoo said...

Lol, they will be bottling and selling that..eau de play doh, has a ring to it don't you think