Sunday, 2 September 2007

Hermione's special meal

What a lovely day we have had today - made all the better because for reasons too complex to blog I really hadn't expected it to be a good one.

After a morning of pottering in the garden we headed into town for lunch. Lunch went well and the weather was fine so we went on to the Botanic Gardens. On the way we saw a grey squirrel crossing at the zebra crossing in the middle of town! The gardens were beautiful as always. Craig hadn't been before but I think he was impressed. There are tropical butterflies in the glass house now too.

This evening Hermione cooked her special meal with help. She set the table herself and even made place cards which she surrounded with blackberries and nasturtiums.

We had potato wedges with salsa and mango chutney (Hermione's choice) followed by salmon with a pesto crunchy topping and a chocolate refrigerator cake which she garnished with a very generous sprig of parsley (I had suggested she pop out and pick a couple of mint leaves but never mind).

Towards the end of the meal Fanjio started pecking on the patio door. She just wouldn't stop and even started jumping up. I couldn't understand it. Eventually I realised that the Eglu run door had blown closed and they were asking to go to bed. When I went out they all dashed in. Ahhh, bless them, I'm really warming to these hens even if the novelty of picking up hen plop all day is starting to wear off.

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Wobblymoo said...

Wow, well done Hermione, that all looks brilliant