Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Woe is me

Oh, what a week this is turning out to be.

The carpets are being replaced for the third time in ten months. I find this very stressful each time it happens. Gripper rods, stanley knives and children just don't mix. I'm really hoping that it will be third time lucky. The workmen finished today after two days and so far they look good. I'm no perfectionist but the corrugated effect the other fitters managed to achieve on the stairs was just too much. They're looking good this time though.

Add to this that Hermione has an ear infection. Save for the usual run of the mill childhood illnesses (which I always welcome with open arms albeit they do tend to give me big bags under my eyes) she has never been ill. We went to the doctors today and she was shocked that we have made it this far without any drugs save for homeopathy and other 'potions'. Whilst I might be a big fan of alternative holistic health care I do accept that conventional medicine has it's place and we now have a bottle of alarmingly yellow antibiotics in the fridge. I hope they work quickly. Ear pain is just so unbearable and try as I might stories, ludo and even ginger biscuits just don't cut it at times.

On the plus side the postman managed to put a smile on my face today. He brought the six back issues I had ordered of The Mother Magazine. My subscription went awry in the move somehow and I need to catch up. Looking forward to curling up with them when I get a moment.

He also brought The Story of the World, Vol. 1 (Ancient Times) by Susan Wise Bauer and the accompanying activity book. We are going to carry on with FIAR for the time being I think and possibly make a start on this in the new year.

I have read quite lot about The Story of the World on home ed lists but have always doubted that it would be suitable for us. However, Hermione is still really keen on having 'lessons' (her words not mine), and she likes them to take the form of a read aloud followed by talking, looking at pictures, watching video clips and doing activities. I think The Story of the World will lend itself well to this. From a quick look at the activity book I am very impressed and am looking forward to building prehistoric shelters in the garden and reconstructing archaeological digs. People ask me if I get bored being a home educating parent. No way. I may be wrong but I doubt that I would fit into the school gate coffee morning circle. I'd much rather be digging in the garden with the kids!

Not a lot more has been happening around here save for the fact that Nana has become the proud owner of a whole sheep's fleece. Soo visited a farm at the weekend and brought it home for her. She seems a little overwhelmed. I don't know if that is because she still hasn't even mastered the spinning wheel yet or if it's the thought of having to cut off the poo parts, check for tics and give the thing a damn good scrubbing - in her bath not mine I hasten to add!


Wobblymoo said...

Oh I really don't think you want to fit in with that circle and being in the garden seeing their faces and hearing their laughter is far, far better. I knew Nana would get a full fleece befoe long (hehe)

Anonymous said...

I never did fit in with the school crowd (even thou we were at school for quite a while).

Hope the new carpet stays as it should!

I keep hearing about Sotw, will be interested to hear more about it :0)