Thursday, 13 September 2007

Lessons from geese

I was really fascinated when I stopped by Shell's Holistic Raw blog last night and read her post about synergy and the lessons we can learn from geese in their formation flights. I've pondered it a lot today and agree, one plus one can equal more than two.

I decided to check out Youtube for videos of geese in flight and came across this cool clip about the lessons we can learn from them.

As home educators we are a minority group and can certainly benefit from synergy.

A few more things which have happened this week -

Fanjio laid her first egg.

We read The Dancing Bear by Michael Morpugo. A rather sad tale of how a mountain girl left her beloved bear to go to the city and be a pop star. The bear died not long after she left. I don't think Hermione really' got it'. She felt sad that the bear had died but exclaimed that, 'we all get old and die some day!' Hmmm, can't argue with that one.

Hermione was presented with her Entertainment Badge at Badgers this week. She has been going for months now and still no first aid, but never mind she enjoys it.

Rainbows started back after the summer break. Hermione had mixed feelings about going back and I'm not really sure why. I'm concerned there may be something I'm not aware of here. Nothing major I'm sure, but I'll be keeping my eyes and ears wide open.

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Tech said...

Fascinating video, we've had the overhead honking here the past couple of days, timely, thanks :)