Saturday, 29 September 2007

It's been a great day here today. Craig and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary, friends came round for lunch and helped to transform our front garden on the Durham Exchange system and tonight Hermione read Miles his bedtime story (Chicken Licken) again. Life feels good!!!

Lots of ideas going on in my head now about possibly combining FIAR and Story of the World - as in doing one part of the week and one the other part of the week. Also thinking about trying to make time for more music and art too. I feel energised.

Oh bit of a chicken update too. The kind window cleaner called round yesterday to do the windows. Once again the subject got round to chickens and I told him how exasperated I have been about them jumping the fence to get into the veg patch. He offered to show me how to clip their flight feathers and assured me this would stop them doing it. Anyway, I was unable to catch them never mind clip them so he did it for me. Sadly not half an hour later they were all in the veg patch again *sigh*. Never mind. I'm not going to stress about that today.

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Wobblymoo said...

Happy Anniversary, I have no idea how to sort the chickens, hope you find a solution