Friday, 31 August 2007

It's been a funny old week this week. Another one which has passed in a haze. The rapid but seamless passage of our time concerns me sometimes. What are we doing? What are we achieving? Is it right for children (and parents) to bumble along in a content haze? Before you know it you are way down the road and there isn't the supposed *security* of boxes ticked, tests passed and achievements documented.

Instead we have memories of our bumblings. Thoughts of Hermione messing on her tree swing in her nightie for hours on end, attempts at training the cats, children head down bottoms up making mud pies on the deck, arguments over who will get to stroke the rabbit first, Miles munching his way almost single handedly through almost all of the blackberries in the garden, the rush to the Eglu when they suspect a hen may have laid an egg, reading stories, laughter, tears and lots more besides.

To attempt to structure our days into learning/leisure/play would undoubtedly mean that we would loose our flowing bumbling quality. As much as I worry about our bumblings I would hate to have it any other way now.

It's almost a year since we bought our house. Craig managed the renovation. I nagged about the renovation. Craig is an expert at meandering . I'm new to it. I never thought we would get anywhere, actually achieve anything. Thankfully my kitchen no longer looks like this

and my garden no longer looks like this

It is possible to reach goal at a slow meandering pace - although if you happen to read this Craig you must realise that it is not possible to do DIY at a slow meandering pace without being harangued. DIY stores didn't coin the phrase 'weekend projects' for nothing - some things can be achieved in a couple of days.

Some other happy memories I have of this week are thoughts of Lily and Hermione writing stories together using a dice. They take turn to throw the dice and write however many words there are spots on the dice. The dice and piece of paper is then passed over for the other to have a turn and so it continues. I must say that pigs, cats and poo have featured heavily in all stories but they have had great fun and have talked of looking into publishing their efforts. Oh dear, I hope those thoughts pass quickly, I'd hate to have to be the one to disappoint ....

We spent a lovely afternoon looking after a friends children and whats more received some Durham Exchange hours in return. Durham Exchange is run on the Lets principles. I hope that when we have acquired sufficient hours some folks will come round and help me to blitz our front garden. The front isn't really suitable for the children to play in as it isn't secure so it tends to gets neglected.

Something else which has happened this week is that we have decided that once a fortnight Hermione will study our cookery books and choose a three course meal which she will then help to shop for and prepare. We're aiming to get out a table cloth, napkins and candles too! I suggested this to her as I have such fond memories of doing something similar with my mum when I was young. I was probably a bit older than Hermione is now but hopefully with help she will manage fine. She has spent lots of time looking through the books and starting (but not ever finishing) shopping lists. Lily is keen to get in on the act too so it may be that Lily and Hermione will alternate weeks. I'm hoping that by being so actively involved Hermione may actually try some new foods - although I won't hold my breath, she's a girl of very plain and fixed tastes.


Tech said...

This is a lovely post. Your renovation looks incredible - all power to your bumbling I say!

Wobblymoo said...

Yes, I'm with Tech bumbling is good, our stories are full of those things too :) It's not exactly a little job you have taken on is it?