Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Mung, black, puy....

What do you do with a few bags of out of date pulses?

Miles practiced his culinary skills.

Hermione made a flower collage on paper.

A house on the floor.

Lily made a sun bean.

All was harmonious in the kitchen for a good hour or more. Soo then tore her hair out for the following hour and a half trying to sweep up all of the beans and lentils with children popping back and forth for another quick mess.

I think we are reaching a stage where Hermione and Miles could share a common interest in some messy play. I feel the on set of play doh, poster paints, jelly pies etc. I'm really pleased to see their age gap becoming less of an issue. All the time they are discovering more things to do together. I find it particularly sweet when she reads to him.

The hens have appeared very happy today. They have been out in the garden for a few hours but confined themselves to under the trees - thankfully well away from the flowers.

We read Mr Gumpy's Motor Car by John Burningham today. Another FIAR book which has failed to hit the spot for me. We chatted for a fair while about co-operation after the story and I suspect there are other issues which we could discuss, but there's nothing specific to really grasp hold of there I think.

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