Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Needlecraft and stuff

Today was the second needlecraft get together at our house. Quite a few folks were away so it turned into a more cosy event than last time but still very enjoyable. I think once again shared lunch was the highlight for me - not least because of the vegan chocolate cake.

I really need to find a needlecraft project which inspires me more than the bits and pieces that I have been doing recently - just not certain of what that would be yet! Nana is off to Canada for a few weeks soon and I suspect we will leave the next needlecraft get together till when she gets back.

Later in the day we went to a local community event where Hermione had a henna tattoo done and her name written in Japanese calligraphy.

All in all it was very good for a free community event. There was also a bucking bronco and climbing wall but the girls were below the minimum age limits.

The hens have been much perkier the last couple of days. They have spent a lot of time out in their run and today I opened the run door and they came into the garden briefly. I thought they would have really relished a big open space but they were keen to stay in and around the Eglu. I suspect that will change.

We went along to the library and joined The Big Wild Read late last week. Hermione chose a couple of books from the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. She's very into them at the moment. I think she's just so pleased that she's finally reading simple stories with ease. We're both pleased. The wait and see approach finally seems to be paying off.

We also spent quite a while the other day discussing porcupines of all things! I learned a lot. I love this 'learning togetherness'. Did you know that there are breeds of porcupine that live up trees and that in many parts of the world they are eaten for their meat?

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