Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Nip in the air

We have spent most of the day in the garden today. It has been bright but decidedly chilly. Lots of small branches have blown off the ash and the sycamore is shedding it's seeds. The weather really is changing. I love autumn, it's my favourite season. But here's hoping it hasn't arrived just yet, a little more summer time wouldn't go amiss.

The apples are ripening and we have all started to munch the odd one as we mess outside.

We went on a clover hunt this morning. There are many pictures of clover in the story of Ferdinand so it felt only right to check it out in our garden. We didn't find as much as I expected. The lawn is full of weeds but surprisingly not much clover. We did find some however and brought some inside to do clover rubbings with crayons. I recounted the tale of how when Nana was busy cooking Sunday lunch and wanted me out of the kitchen, she used to send me to the garden to look for four leaf clovers. I whiled away many hours searching.

The red cabbages are really hearty now. I love their colour.

We now have a fence around our veg patch but it isn't chicken proof. For birds that supposedly don't fly they can jump rather high. Tim spent a whole day constructing a fence from wood and chicken wire but by late afternoon they had made their way over it and were pecking about near the spinach. Rascals. I have been reassured by a friend that they won't be so flighty once they start laying - another reason to be excited about the appearance of eggs at some point.

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