Friday, 10 August 2007

All dressed up and no where to go

The day started with a relaxed potter in the garden plus a little bit of Horizon Maths. We're very erratic with Horizon at the moment. Just going with the flow.

Then followed a flurry of excitement as Hermione and Lily prepared for the Harry Potter Party they were going to this afternoon. They both decided mid morning that they would like to go in fancy dress, leading to much frantic rummaging through wardrobes and drawers in search of something remotely suitable.

Unfortunately whilst driving along the motorway on the way to the party one of the tyres on Nana's car blew out. No one had a mobile phone on them and it took a fair while before they managed to get the wheel changed. What made matters worse was that the area on the other side of the hard shoulder crash barrier was swarming with ants which despite their efforts to brush them away kept crawling up their legs - eeuurghhhh!

They finally made it home safe and sound but because it took so long at the garage having the wheel fully repaired they also missed dance class which was late afternoon. Everyone busied themselves outside instead during which time Miles mastered the art of propelling himself along on his wheely bug - he's used it more like a push along till now! He's certainly having a big developmental spurt at the moment. When we were at friends yesterday he climbed their slide and came down without any help for the first time too.

Lily also made a discovery - a jaw bone complete with tooth which slots in and out of the jaw bone! We aren't certain what animal it belongs too but it has generated a lot of interest here.

Hermione rustled about in the bushes checking out the berries. We are going to have lots of elderberries. More cordial on the horizon I suspect. We also have quite a few blackberries. Not that many, but enough for a few apple and blackberry crumbles thankfully.

I have been looking at the sweet peas for a couple of weeks now and promising myself that I will find the time to attempt to paint them. They are just so vibrant and beautiful. I'm going to give it a try after dinner I hope.

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