Monday, 27 August 2007

More eggs and a pak choi surprise

Omlet has followed Henrietta's lead and is also now laying. We have had five eggs over the past three days and thankfully all have made their way into the kitchen, which is surprising considering the kerfuffle Miles is having about them. He seems to think that the eggs belong to the chickens and when he managed to get his hands on one egg today he ran after the chickens throwing the egg at them!!! It's most out of character as he doesn't usually chase them at all. He's generally very gentle with them. Definitely a bit of confusion going on. At least now we know that they are eating enough grit as despite being thrown and dropped lots of times the egg didn't crack - no problems with weak shells.

Last night I was lucky enough to slope out for a couple of hours when the children were asleep and visit a wonderful pan asian restaurant. I've seen lots of vegetable carvings before but the ones than adorned my meal last night were really special. So special that I popped a couple in my handbag and brought them home to show Hermione and Lily. The photographs really don't do them justice but here you go, this is what you can do with a pak choi stem and a turnip if you are so inclined!

Hermione and Craig went to see Evan Almight today but hasn't really made any comment since she came home. I guess it can't have been up to much.

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Wobblymoo said...

Oh wow, they look amazing, we have to do some vegetable animals for a gardening club show at the weekend but we wont be able to recreate anything like that