Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Happy Lammas

It's been a relatively peaceful day here today. A time to give thanks and for contemplating our hopes and fears.

Hermione and Lily went to TV Home Ed meeting this morning. They enjoyed it but Hermione came home more subdued than usual. Nana believes this had something to do with the massive amount of dried pineapple she ate first thing this morning resulting in a couple of hours of mad active behaviour followed by a big sugar lull. Possibly right.

This afternoon we baked bread - by hand - Lammas is the day when the bread machine must stay in the cupboard here. It's been so long since we baked bread by hand. I couldn't believe how much flour was spread all over the kitchen worktops and floor in the process of moving from the before and after photos below.

I've practiced reiki for five years now but have never had a 'proper' couch. I decided last week this must change and it arrived yesterday. Tonight I'm going to clear space for it in my attic room. I'm really quite excited. It's a lovely space up there - the views and sunsets are magnificent - and now it will be all the better that I can treat my nearest and dearest in comfort without breaking my back.
The view from my attic room last night.


Tech said...

Oh you are good - that bread looks yummy :-)

View and sunset are stunning.

Jax said...

happy lammas

Clare said...

I need a room like you describe to do my yoga in...a messy, toy-strewn front room with a metal blind doesn't do much for the atmosphere!