Sunday, 19 August 2007

Well, it's been one of those weeks, dashing around, doing this and that - hopefully achieving something but I can't be sure!

We read Mirette on the High Wire a couple more times. We pondered how it would feel to run a boarding house of our own, and wrote a list of jobs that we suspected we would need to do and personal qualities it would be desirable to have in that role.

We talked about how shortest routes travel in straight lines (like the high wire) and drew pictures illustrating the quickest routes to different areas of the garden.

Walking on a high wire commands a lot of skill and both Hermione and Lily felt that feet are one of the most important body parts in doing this. We observed how bony our feet are - feet have lots of bones and this helps them to be flexible. We looked at this Youtube clip which shows a lady doing a self portrait with her feet and also talked about how elephants possibly 'hear' with their feet - a couple of particular skills we hadn't previously associated with feet!

The weather hasn't been brilliant but Hermione and Nana did manage a quick trip to Whitworth Park and a local village show yesterday between showers. We have also managed to clear a lot of space on the vegetable patch this week and have planted some chard, carrot, spring onion and turnip seeds. I don't know how they will do. It may be too late but I decided to speculate and we will see what happens.

I'm pleasantly surprised with the hens. They are turning out to be real characters. Particularly Henrietta who has attempted to climb the climbing frame and ran on the top of the washing basket like a mouse on a wheel - before falling off in a heap of crumpled feathers! Unfortunately the veg still isn't fenced off and I think we could have had some pak choi casualties - could have been worse I guess.

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