Friday, 3 August 2007

The Eglu has landed!!!

Our Eglu arrived today. It's been assembled and looks great. I've hankered after hens for years now and was finally convinced that it would be do-able for me after seeing a friends Eglu. It is very expensive for what it is and I do feel rather aggrieved about that, but hopefully it will bring us much pleasure and many eggs!

Hermione and Craig are hen shopping on Sunday.

One of the objections some folks round here have had about the hens (there have been many objections) is that the house would be unsightly. I think it makes a rather stylish addition to the garden - certainly no more unsightly than a slide, tunnel or playhouse.

I've never handled a bird before and have to say I'm rather nervous. But then six and a half years ago I'd never handled a baby ...I guess it's one of those things you just get on with and learn as you go.

The vegetable patch is going to be fenced in within the next couple of days and I only hope my flowers borders are not decimated. Hopefully I won't have to fence them. I'll wait and see.

We have done more since I last posted but I just seem to have Eglu on the brain right now.


Clare said...

OOh, ooh! I want an eglu! Costs too much for us though and I don't think we have the space for a regular hen house :-( Something for the future I guess - I am very jealous of yours LOL!


Gill said...

Wow, that looks lovely! Fox-proof too, I take it? How many hens are you getting? I'm kind of tempted... hmmm. Hope you get lots of lovely eggs anyway :-)

Claire said...

Yes, it's supposedly fox proof although I'm not entirely sure looking at it. I hope it is as I'd hate us to come down one morning to a pile of blood and feathers!