Saturday, 25 August 2007

Our first egg

Today Henrietta laid our first egg. Hermione discovered it in the nesting box. I wonder if this means that she will lay one most days now or if they are a bit stoppy starty in the beginning?

Nana headed off for Canada on Thursday. She has gone to visit my sister for a few weeks. It feels odd without her around.

The weather has been glorious over the past couple of days. So much for my last post with talk of autumn! We have spent lots of time in the garden. Miles has whiled away hours painting the deck and house with a bucket of water. Hermione has spent hours swinging and planning a trip she intends to make alone to a near by village. Hmmm, not sure about this one. I've been weeding, scooping chicken plops etc.

We had a barbecue last night. We all enjoyed it but Hermione in particular thought it was great - especially toasting marshmallows over the coals.

We read the story of Ferdinand again and talked about bull fighting. Neither Hermione or Lily had realised that the bulls are killed. In their innocence they both thought that the bull could fight back and it would be quite 'even' with no one seriously hurt. They now know that sadly this is not the case. Hermione made a poster. She folded her paper in half and on one side drew a bull fight with a big cross through it and on the other side drew a picture of a bull sitting under a tree surrounded by flowers. She put a tick next to the bull under the tree.

The seedlings we planted a week or so ago are starting to show. My labeling hasn't been brilliant but I think it is the spring onions and turnips which are furthest on. Lots of planting on to be done soon.


Helen said...

Hi Claire,
What a result! How eggciting!! It is good to see the seeds comeing up!Keep us updated,

Wobblymoo said...

That's brilliant, who got to eat that one. We had the bull discussion too, I did find nathan some pictures that weren't too graphic. Those plants look like my radishes so I guess the turnip could be in the same family

Claire said...

Oh, to have allowed just one person to eat the first egg would possibly have ended in tears or strops so we made pancakes instead! Problem solved :-)