Thursday, 9 August 2007

Omlet on the loose!

Disaster struck this afternoon when Omlet managed to squeeze through the fence posts into next doors garden - the garden where there's always a big old dog lurking. It's difficult to describe but it's quite a long walk to get round to the neighbours house. Soo dashed round and tried to get her to return the way she came - with no success. I followed closely behind with Miles in my arms and a cat carrier in my hand. After much kerfuffle Soo managed to catch her with a body warmer of all things. Handyman Tim is coming on Saturday to put more lats on the fence which hopefully will solve the problem, but till then I think the hens will be confined to their run which is a shame when they have only just gained the confidence to come out of it.

We visited friends this morning which was very pleasant. Later we watched a dvd showing the animated tale of Thomas Edison. Hermione looked a little blankly at the dvd at first but she soon became interested and decided to order the Thomas Edison book from The Real Lives series out of the library.

The weather has been glorious today. We have spenty most of the day outdoors, playing with sand and water, admiring the garden and pondering what to put in our veg patch now as it's looking quite bare since we dug out the cauliflowers, brocolli and potatoes.

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