Thursday, 12 April 2007

The holiday is over....

After much humming and ha hing as to whether or not to have an Easter break it appears to have just happened somehow.

The children have played with a school friend a lot, we have lunched out lots, went to the TVHE group yesterday, tried mighty hard to transform our back garden and have generally enjoyed the glorious weather we have been having.

I think the highlights of the last week are the trip to see Elmer The Elephant by Blunderbus Theatre Company, a chocolate egg hunt in the back garden last Sunday morning (Craig struggled to hide ninety nine mini eggs in a garden which resembles a dust bowl right now but he managed in the end) and today's trip to the Durham Botanic Gardens. The spring flowers were absolutely amazing and the sun was blazing down. When we came to leave (sooner than we would have liked because we had forgotten Miles's sun hat) the temperature gauge in the car read 22 degrees. It was a scorcher!

It may have been holiday time but the cogs have still been turning. I need to chase up Sonlight as the Horizon Maths stuff still hasn't arrived. I've downloaded a project pack about the moon from the Hands of a Child website. It looks as though it is aimed at older children but I'm sure I can adapt parts. I also found some great garden diary entry sheets which we are going to put together and use to chart the progress of our garden. Craig and Hermione are off to York for a couple of days later in the month to visit the Jorvick Centre so I really must start on the Viking studies - it's all go go go!!! As well as the cogs turning, fingers have also been typing - making a start on putting education records in order should we need them - let's just say I have a feeling in my bones about this :-)

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