Thursday, 19 April 2007

Wine, olives and frogs legs...

After reading Madeline today we looked at pictures of vineyards and grapes growing. Conversation followed about making wine from grapes (nothing too technical - more on the level of green grapes make white wine and black grapes make red wine) and also how France is a large producer of wine. We also spoke briefly about olives which also can grow in France.

After this the girls wrote their own illustrated stories about what it wold be like to go to boarding school. Their writing is improving but I do seem to be having one of those weeks where I am really stressed and hung up about reading and writing. Perhaps it is just part and parcel of other stresses.

We looked at photographs of the Arc de Triumph and then spent a while trying to find it in Madeline. We couldn't because contrary to what I thought it isn't actually in. Ho hum!

For lunch we had amongst other things coq au vin, olives, sunblush tomatoes in balsamic vinegar and a tiny taste of both red and white wine. I had pondered whether or not I should allow the girls to try the wine in case they liked it and gulped up lots. My worries were unfounded as they both took the tiniest sip and pulled very odd faces. We also had two plates set out one with a picture of frogs legs and one with a picture of snails.

This afternoon my mum and Hermione have headed off to the library. I don't thank my mum enough for the reading and library stuff she does with Hermione - make mental note to self to do so.

Garden is still coming along nicely. We have run out of top soil today and in any event it looks like rain now. At least I won't have to water the seeds tonight!

Still spending time pondering record keeping. I just don't know how much detail I should record. It's all very tedious. I think I should aim to keep all written 'normals' - problem being that most 'normals' are not written - they are usually games and such likes. Also perhaps I should make up a written record of some unit studies as examples. I'm not recording them all in detail, that would take up way too much time. I'm going to hunt out our really huge art folder and start using it to keep the collages of work we make relating to most topics.

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