Sunday, 22 April 2007

Not too bad after all

Despite my moans I have had a lovely day to today. Lunch at a Chinese restaurant with friends and an afternoon playing, chatting and watching Hermione avoiding boisterous chickens :-)

I have also got round to putting the picture I painted of moonlight over Ulswater in a frame. Now I know that my paintings are nothing to get excited about but I'm really enjoying painting at the moment - something which I thought would never happen after all of the really negative comments from my secondary school arts teacher.


Helen said...

The blog is great! and I think your picture is very artistic. I am glad that you are feeling less stressed about your home schooling decision, I think it is great that you are able to give so much of yourself to your children! You should not feel down on yourself, if you had sent Hermione to school that would have brought along just as many stresses, just diferent ones! Keep surounding yourself with positive energy ( I send you some every day)
Lv, Helen

Helen said...

Forgot to say that I got the photos of the kids, they are realy cute, cant wait to see them!!
Lv Helen

Claire said...

So pleased you have finally found our blog. Praise for my picture from a professional artist too :-)

We haven't dared to tell Hermione that Aunty Helen is coming all the way from Canada for a weekend soon - I just know she couldn't keep the secret.

There are going to be so many very shocked and happy faces round here. I can hardly wait.