Monday, 12 March 2007

Another one of those days...

Miles is unwell, again. He was extremely clingy and had a temperature this morning so our planned excursion to the High Street complete with clipboard to conduct a litter and dog dirt survey had to be shelved. You may think that I was secretly pleased about this but you would be wrong - I was actually quite looking forward to it. The girls were very excited at the prospect of a 'field trip' and I had told them that we may report our findings to the local community newspaper - they appear to be very interested in incidences of dog fouling and litter round here - which is good. I applaud the strong community spirit of so many folks here. It's a real refreshing change from where we lived before. So, the dog dirt and litter patrol has been postponed.

Hermione and my mum read a book about the life and achievements of Louie Braille. I am going to ring the library tomorrow and see if they have any books in braille and find out if Hermione could go in and look at them. She has heard about it now but I think she needs to actually see it really.

After that it was a spot of gardening.

If we win the lottery this week (unlikely as I never do it) we will hire a landscaper. In the meantime I can dream....

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