Sunday, 18 March 2007

Happy Mother's Day to me...

If only!!!! The day got off to a horrible start today. Mile screamed incessantly for ages. Hermione had a big moody upon realising she wasn't going to have Daddy just to herself on 'Daddy Day' (Sunday) and what was worse I had bought tickets for an event at The Sage when she had other plans for them.

I thought the event sounded good - 'Kidsamonium is a magical musical event enabling 6 -14 year olds to experience the power and freedom of jazz. A crazy troupe of characters including the madcap 'Aviator' Billy Jenkins, the ‘Big Tuba Kid’ Oren Marshall, the mysterious trombone playing 'Chickens in the Sky', ‘Princess’ Laura Macdonald, Joost Buis and ‘Judge’ Claude Deppa, all led by Tom Bancroft ‘the King’, creates a series of hilarious performances and musical games. This was the sell-out hit of last year’s festival and the show has been moved to Hall Two to allow more people to see it and to enable all sorts of new theatrical possibilities! Adults also welcome!' Hermione was not convinced. To cut a long story short they went along. Hermione announced within minutes (some would say seconds) that it was way too loud and that she couldn't tolerate it. After a bit of a scene they left.

I was far from pleased. It would have been fine if she had given it a chance but she wouldn't and I think that had a lot to do with the day not being as she had hoped. Perhaps I should have given her advance warning of the day's activities? Perhaps it is my fault after all? Sod it, it's Mother's Day, for once I will say this was not my fault!

After the brief excursion to The Sage we headed into Durham and visited the Chinese Buffet. Craig was very unimpressed. He isn't wild about these 'canteen places' as he calls them. I've tried explaining to him that I also would prefer freshly cooked food as opposed to stuff that has been drooled and sneezed over dozens of times but then buffets are the most practical option with Miles at the moment. Hopefully he will have become a more patient and all round laid back dude come next Mothers Day.

Lunch went surprisingly well. There seemed to be extra tables squashed in for Mother's Day and Miles enjoyed being able to peer at other peoples plates. This kept him entertained for a much longer period than he will usually last in a high chair. After lunch we headed off to the Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately it was too cold to wander in a way we could enjoy so we just hung out in the glass houses for a short while, reading notices about the rain forests, then headed on off to Borders in Gateshead.

Now, I don't miss Gateshead but I do miss Borders. I think it's a great shop. Waterstones just doesn't compare. We hung out, had a drink upstairs in Starbucks, chose a couple of Secret Seven books plus some magnetic words and a cd for me before heading on home. Not a bad day by the end of it.

I've bitten the bullet and ordered Horizon maths from Sonlight. I can't believe how formal things are becoming around here. I'll continue to go with it though as long as it seems like the right thing to do. I'm quite enjoying it really.

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