Monday, 26 March 2007

My Secret Garden, marmoset babies and Lentil

What a week. Lily was struck down with a nasty sickness bug. My car is still of the road. Soo and Lily spent a few days down in Redcar. It could have easily turned into mayhem but actually it has been calm although much too busy to blog.

Hermione and I read 'Lentil' by Robert McCloskey. It is one of the FIAR texts. It prompted discussions about taste buds, musical notes, war and war memorials (we went down and checked out the one in the village) amongst other things.

We went to the farm and the marmosets had just had a baby. The baby was just two days old and still clinging to it's mother. It was fascinating.

On Saturday Hermione and Nana went to the theatre to see a musical production of My Secret Garden. With a little bit of help Hermione had followed the story well and really enjoyed it.

We read the Beatrix Potter book from the Famous People Famous Lives series. This inspired Hermione to also be an author and she has since produced a few small works of fiction :-) We have exhausted the local library of their stock of this series. We will have to see if central library has any more.

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