Sunday, 4 March 2007

Busy day

We had arranged to meet Suzanne, Owain and Adam for breakfast at the Bishops Mill this morning but sadly Suzanne had to cancel as she was unwell. We went along anyway as we were all psyched up for breakfast out by that time. It was nice. I had a veggie sausage sandwich. The children all had pancakes. All in all the food was good and the prices were very reasonable but I do think that Miles fares best with buffets. He isn't into waiting (even if the wait is short) and the variety of food he can have at a buffet often keeps him occupied longer - or at least till I have finished my meal.

After breakfast we had a wander round Durham and bought some wellies for my Mum. She wants wellies and a rake so that she can make a start preparing the top of the garden to sew the grass seed. We need to get this done soon or there will be no grassed area for play this summer.

On the way home Miles fell asleep. I took advantage of this time to do some education planning. I have prepared almost two weeks of 'normals' and have jotted down some ideas for other areas. This all feels very strange as it is at odds with what has always been my ethos of education but Lily and Hermione seem to be thriving on a bit of structure right now so we will go with it till that changes. In many respects it is quite rewarding to see on paper what they do (or do not) know, although obviously this approach does have it's limitations.

This afternoon Craig took Hermine and Lily to Eleanor's birthday party. They had a great time. Soo and I went to B&Q with Miles. We bought a rake and some plants for my study. When we got home I tried on my Mums wellies and discovered they are bog on me - which means they will be huge on her - looks like it will be me doing the gardening after all!

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