Friday, 16 March 2007

Red Nose Day

The day started early today with Soo and the girls dressed and out by not long gone 7.00am. Pam from the shop told Soo that the girls could put some of their home baked red nosed fairy cakes on her counter to sell so they dashed off early so as not to miss the morning commuters :-) Craig also took some to work. By the end of the day they have raised £13.30. Not bad at all.

This morning we watched a video clip showing orphans in Africa. One toddler couldn't walk because his toes had been chewed by rats. Hermione and I both cried.
We moved on to yet more bingo and word searches (definitely the thing of the moment). We also played a game which I had made last night where the aim is to match a picture card with a sound card.
After normals I suggested we make a picture of a make believe land to stick our story discs on from stories of fictional places. This idea went down like a lead balloon. We ended up making some peg dolls and reading 'Little Soul and the Earth: I'm Somebody!' by Neale Donald Walsch which arrived today from Amazon. I'm not sure about this book. I'm not as happy with it as I was with the first one in the series. I think I'll put it away for a couple of years until I can explain it in a way which I am happy with. Hopefully a couple of years will see their understanding skills and my ability to explain abstract concepts improve.
Lily went off to play and Hermione decided to settle down with Nana to make a start on reading The Secret Garden. After reading two chapters neither looked particularly happy. Nana felt it was rather 'heavy'. I wish we had time to get an abridged version from Amazon but there won't be time before the production. Nana has volunteered to read it and remind herself of the full story and then explain it in brief to the girls.
This afternoon Hermione went to dancing and I went to the library to return the George Stephenson book and to take out three more in the series - Florence Nightingale (again), Anne Frank and Beatrix Potter. The Anne Frank story may fit in with one of the themes of the Lentil book which we are going to explore next week.

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