Saturday, 31 March 2007

Trip to the bogs

This morning we painted the collection of toilet roll inner tubes we have been saving for ages. The idea is to make pen holders to keep the place a bit tidier. We didn't get round to making them up today as we were waiting for them to dry and moved on to other things. .... Hermione pastels and Lily watercolours.

We whizzed through all the sound board words with no trouble at all today, which was pleasing as I thought Hermione wasn't that keen yesterday.

After that we settled down to watch a series of six ten minutes programmes about a village in Bangladesh. I had taped the programmes from Schools TV. The first two had us all glued to the screen but by the time we were watching the third one I think we were all losing interest. They were a bit repetitive. We stopped at the end of the third one having enjoyed what we had seen but not particularly wanting to see more right then. May be another time. We chatted about the 'auto rickshaws.' I am going to find a range of rickshaw pictures on the net for the girls to see.

The weather was bright and nippy so we wrapped up warm and headed off to Cassop Bogs in search of frog spawn for our pond.

It is a beautiful spot and I'm looking forward to visiting frequently in summer. There were literally hundreds of frogs. They kept jumping out of the long grass as you walked along which Hermione and I found rather alarming.

With so many frogs we felt certain to find plenty frog spawn but we had no such look. On the way back to the car we saw quite a lot mating. Perhaps we are just too early. We will go back in a couple of weeks.

Craig came home from work early today to practice his saxophone and to show us his new acquisition - a keyboard! I do get sick of him dragging things in which he uses/plays for a few weeks and then never looks at again but I'm quite pleased about the keyboard. I have wanted to take up piano again for a few years but was unable to before because I could only practice at night and that would wake the children. The keyboard has the benefit of a volume switch so it could be perfect! I'm also pleased that it is another instrument in the house for the children to familiarise themselves with. If Hermione expresses interest in taking up playing an instrument seriously I think we have reached the age and stage now were I would be willing to invest in music lessons.

They have now headed off to bed ever so excited as they are going to see Bratz Passion for Fashion World Tour at Newcastle Arena tomorrow. We didn't tell them about it till today as we couldn't possibly have stood the hype for too long.

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