Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Bats, paints, parties...

We have had quite a hectic couple of days. Social engagements truly are like buses. Never a steady stream, they always all come at once.

Yesterday morning we visited friends. The children were all happily engrossed in play which gave a couple of weary well deserving mothers time to chat and drink herbal tea. Our conversation somehow came round to the subject of bats and I voiced my concerns about the bats which live close to us and how they may be affected by the nearby residential development. I returned home fired up with lots of information and have since spoken to Durham Wildlife Conservation Society who say that a bat survey should be carried out and have given me the number of the County Council Ecologist. He hasn't been in the office the past two days but will be tomorrow. Here's hoping he takes the matter seriously. After all bats are a protected species.

Yesterday afternoon we visited Chester Park where we met with a couple of other home edding families. The weather was bright but nippy. The company was great. Despite the hoards of school children on half term break we had a wonderful time.

This morning Hermione and Nana headed off to the Tees Valley Home Educators Halloween Party, complete with raven girl costume and spider cake. They had a good time. There had been games, crafts and a shared lunch. I'm not sure that it was part of any organised craft but Nana made three bats for me to hang up in readiness for the County Ecologist coming. Ha ha.

Later we made some finger paints following a recipe I found on a Montessori website. I hate the thought of the kids sitting messing with their hands in loads of toxic crap. This was a much better idea. Really easy to make and cheap too. Take one cup of wheat flour, half a cup of water, a tablespoon of liquid soap or body lotion and some food colouring. Worked fine.


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Wobblymoo said...

Could you send me the quantities for the finger paints, that looks great. Hermione looked really good too :)