Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Tree and the Pool

Funny old day today. It would have been my Dad's birthday were he alive. A time to allow myself to spend some time in the past - while trying to remember that time waits for no one. I guess it was quite apt that Hermione asked me to read this poem to her twice today. My kids teach me so much.

The Tree and the Pool

'I don't want my leaves to drop,' said the tree,
'I don't want to freeze,' said the pool.
'I don't want to smile,' said the sombre man,
'Or ever to cry,' said the Fool.

'I don't want to open,' said the bud,
'I don't want to end,' said the night.
'I don't want to rise,' said the neap tide,
'Or ever to fall,' said the kite.

They wished and they murmured and whispered,
They said that to change was a crime,
Then a voice from no where answered.
'You must do what I say,' said Time.

Brian Patten

The sun has been shining this afternoon. We're not exactly experiencing the Indian summer I heard rumoured in the press but I'm certainly not complaining.

Pringles the rabbit has been free range in the garden for a few weeks now. I feared he may burrow to make an escape or worse still be attacked by a fox but so far he is doing fine. He's doing more than fine actually - he's positively thriving. Nana thinks he has doubled in size and I agree he has certainly grown. Perhaps it is all the layers pellets he is eating. He's forever in the chicken's grub box. Even when the chickens flap their wings at him and peck him he just carries right on. The guinea pig is much happier now too. Had Pringles stayed in the hutch and run I'm sure he would have succeeded in killing the guinea pig by now.

The chickens are also thriving. We are still getting three fresh eggs every day. Since they started laying they have all laid daily which I'm surprised at although I suspect that will change as winter sets in. They are so cheap to keep too. When we bought them during the first week in August we spent £10 on organic corn and pellets. They haven't eaten anywhere near half yet. I suspect it's because they free range all day and eat all our vegetable scraps. I can't help but smile each time I take them out the left over veg - it's my favourite form of recycling right now - pop in the veg scraps and get out an egg!

The squashes are beginning to form. I just hope they survive the slugs and chickens.

We have had to make adjustments to our water tanks. Collecting rain from the whole of our roof filled one tank (1,000 litres) in less than a week. We are now just collecting from part of the roof. We are all really surprised at how quickly the tank filled.

This week we have started looking at Story of the World. My original reservations about the prominence of biblical history in it still remain. I am not a Christian although the children do hear about Christianity as we are a multi faith family. So far Hermione is enjoying the book and activities so we will stick with it and I will present the biblical aspects as 'one of many views.' Who said home educators can't offer diversity?

We have learned about the different methods of 'doing' history such as reading old documents, digging up old things and interviewing people.

Hermione interviewed Nana about her history.

She made a time line with pictures representing her life history.

Also been busy this week with a home ed meeting at Natures World, Badgers and Rainbows.

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Anonymous said...

(((hugs))) My Dad died 10 years ago and on his Birthday and anniversay I think about him a bit more :0) It made me realise that life is short and you should make it happy one.

I love the photo of your rabbit :0)