Thursday, 4 October 2007

Birthday Boy

I think Miles has really enjoyed his birthday. I wasn't sure that he would understand that it was a special day relating only to him, but he appeared to. He even patted his chest when they sang the birthday song on children's tv.

It didn't take him long to get to grips with the wrapping paper.

He got a lights and sounds digger and tractor, some first stage mechano, toy animals, a book, clothes, jigsaw, a velcro pizza and a really basic remote controlled car. Hermione has spent almost all day playing with the mechano and Miles has busied himself with the jigsaw and the pizza which can be sliced up then put back together again.

The clothes were from my sister and brother in law in Canada. A really gorgeous Whinnie the Pooh outfit which he insisted on wearing today although we weren't going anywhere in particular.

Needless to say we all ate cake - a rather pathetic effort which I iced very late last night rather bleary eyed.

In many ways he seems so grown up now, choosing his own clothes, asking to go to particular places, laughing and playing with Hermione. On the other hand he's still my carried, co-sleeping, breastfeeding baby.

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4kidsandadog said...

Happy Birthday Miles :0)