Sunday, 14 October 2007


Craig and Hermione went geocaching with friends for the first time today. I've not spoken to the other family who went along yet but the whole experience certainly got the thumbs up from Hermione. Craig who was very sceptical about it seemed to have had a good time too. This is the cache they found.

Hermione chose to take a small plastic whistle and they left a £1. They will be better prepared next time, possibly take a book or something to leave. They just hadn't known what to expect this time.

If they do decide to do it again I think I will mention it on the local home ed lists in case anyone would like to join them.

We also found time today to finish reading about the nomads in SOTW. We heard about how many stopped wandering in search of food and started farming and building settlements. All in all I'm very pleased with how our first week of SOTW has gone. Having said that I know from reading ahead that there will be parts that Hermione would find frightening so I suspect we will continue in our own fashion, dipping in and out as suits us.

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Tech said...

We love caching - great way to see countryside you wouldn't normally think of venturing out to, and the children absolutely love the thrill of finding the treasure. :-)