Friday, 12 October 2007

Great Fire of Newcastle etc...

We've had a great time today - exhausting but good fun.

First stop was at a big soft play venue in Washington. We used to go there all the time before we moved but hadn't been for over a year before today. Since we were heading up that way anyway for an afternoon workshop I thought we might as well make a day of it. Miles had a great time. He was really confident and wanted to go off and do his own thing a lot of the time which wasn't too alarming as it was very quiet.

Hermione found someone to play with who looked about her own age. I always wonder when we see older children out during term time if they are also home educated. I often think about approaching the parent but haven't in case they don't home educate and I cause embarrassment. A few weeks ago we were out and Hermione started playing in a soft play place with a girl her own age. After a while I heard Hermione ask, 'are you home educated?' The little girl said, 'no, are you in the circus?' It's probably one of those situations where you had to be there but it was very funny at the time.

After soft play we headed to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. Miles fell asleep in the car so when we arrived Nana headed on in with Hermione for the start of the workshop which was about the Great Fire of Newcastle.

When Miles woke we went in and played in the Play Tyne area which is a wet activity area modelled on the River Tyne. There are replica bridges and lots of things with moving parts. It wasn't long before Hermione and Nana joined us and we played a while longer. They had thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It sounded very informative but lighthearted with a puppet show. There had been a handling collection to look at too including an ink well, whip and top, carpet beater and writing slate amongst other things.

There was a short time left for a quick waltz round the hands on Science Maze before dashing back for Hermione's dance class.

Since having postnatal depression I haven't been very far at all. Today has done wonders for my confidence though and I hope to get out and about a lot more often now.

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Wobblymoo said...

That Tyne play looks wonderful, I'm sure my two would love that. Might have to go when I am next in Newcastle