Saturday, 13 October 2007

Will I ever get to bed tonight?

I remember the days when Saturday nights were about wine bars and nightclubs. Feels like another life time now. Here I am waiting for the chutney to finish cooking so that I can get to bed. It is supposed to take two hours but has been cooking for much longer than that and still doesn't look 'done'.

While I'm waiting I thought I would blog about the huge egg Henrietta laid yesterday. It was bigger than my palm. Here it is alongside Fanjio's average size egg.

While on our travels today we stumbled across a small cafe where you can paint plaster cast models to be collected a few days later having then been glazed and fired. Hermione painted a koala lilac. Although I don't drink coffee I love the smell of the 'real' stuff. I inhaled the aromas while Hermione painted. The menu looked basic but appealing. I think we will be going back there soon, fully prepared with empty stomachs and ideas for painting.


Wobblymoo said...

Yes, I remember saturday nights like that, that cafe sounds good too. I like my coffee but not so much of a fan of real stuff

Claire said...

It was gone midnight when the chutney was finally ready! I think I was probably more in need of a glass of wine last night than I was in the wine bar days. I could hardly keep my eyes open. Time to cut back on the chamomile tea :-)