Sunday, 21 October 2007

Happy Apple Day!

Today is National Apple Day. After a tip off from a friend who works in the library we headed into town to join in some National Apple Day activities. Town was busy. I was glad to escape into the tranquility of the library.

We looked at lots of apples and tasted a few. There were some really bizarre looking varieties such as Ladies Fingers and Cat's Head, both of which looked as their names suggest.

Hermione and myself joined in the longest peel competition and would have won hands down were it not that the staff noticed the three sellotape joins. Better luck next time.

Miles coloured lots of pictures of apples....

...some with a little help from his Daddy...

...while Hermione made a rather snazzy albeit fiddly magic picture type thingy.

Back at home the sax duo were on form. Hermione was playing a piece called 'Cappuccino' which I think is a title made up by the thoughtful teachers at music academy for the sound made by a fire engine. Craig was playing the Pink Panther music.

Quite a pleasant day really. Happy children now sleeping peacefully. Walls beautifully adorned. Call me sad but I think I'll be marking this one on the calender for next year too.

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Anonymous said...

We love apple days - National trust properties do them too.