Friday, 18 January 2008

My Cat Plumduff

This week we have looked at the poem My Cat Plumduff by Charles Causley.

Hermione enjoyed it a lot, as I thought she may since cats have to be one of her favourite animals.

We watched this video clip on Youtube which we both thought was really cool - although it's possibly not the same if you don't have sound on your computer.

We watched it two or three days and each day tried to remember the names of more members of the cat family. She did well, remembering nine different kinds of cats one day.

She chose three cats in particular and we located their habitats on our big world map. One was from South America and one was from North America. This was just the opportunity I needed to whip out the compass Craig received as a freebie when he bought some trainers and we checked out our bearings at various points around the house.

The idea of animals being part of a 'family' seemed to interest her a lot so I printed some animal classification cards off from a Montessori website. We looked at crustaceans, insects and reptiles. She picked out a couple of major characteristics of each and was quickly able to sort them all. I think I'll introduce the idea of plant families soon, expanding on the deciduous/evergreen stuff we touched on in December.

Last but not least here is one of Hermione's favourite photographic subjects, Nana's Woo Woo, looking rather cute on the sofa with a bunch of stuffed fluff.

She has to be one of the most photographed cats alive. Hermione is forever stalking her with the camera and setting her up in poses like this. Odd thing is Woo Woo seems to really enjoy it!


Elle said...

I like your idea about the cats. I'd never of thought of looking on You Tube for help with education. Elle

Claire said...

Never thought of looking on Youtube! I don't know where we would be without it :-)

There are some great clips on there but also some really dodgy stuff. I never let Hermione loose on there alone.