Thursday, 3 January 2008

Panto, Sage, Snow...

Quick round up of some recent activities.

Craig and Hermione went to a saxophone concert at The Sage in Gateshead. I remember the uproar in the press when this was first built. One architect said it was like a giant silver condom and at the time I was inclined to agree, but I think it has grown on me since.

I took Hermione to see the pantomime Sleeping Beauty. I couldn't believe the amount of adult humour in it. By the end of the show Hermione was demanding to know what is funny about 'coming out'. At the risk of sounding horribly old I'm sure pantos weren't like that when I was a girl.

Much time spent playing on bikes. Miles hasn't quite got the hang of the pedals yet but he's close.

Digging and building their own creations with the willow which was left over from making the dome.

Making booby traps in the garden.

Spotted a wrens nest in the garden. It appears to be collapsing around the entrance. I know it was in use in summer, not sure now? I don't think it is.

Wandering through a snow covered park.

Playing in the snow at home.


Anonymous said...

v. cold here no snow..yet!!!

Love the photo's :0)

Elizabeth said...

Oh snow! You lucky ones! Im jealous!

Wobblymoo said...

Great photos, we did snow angels too :)