Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Nature or nurture?

Can all rabbits 'fly' onto windowsills or just those that have spent months hanging out with a bunch of hens on a daily basis?


Mom Unplugged said...

How funny! They're cute though, are they yours?

Don't worry about the fact that my address keeps reverting to the "blogspot" one. It's supposed to do that for now and will continue to do that until I actually move the blog. As long as you are typing in the address initially, then when I finally move, it will take you to the new blog not the Blogger blog.

Hope that makes sense!

(It's just that a lot of people get to me by typing in or linking to the blogspot address and that won't work any more once I move)

Enjoy your day (and your flying bunnies)!

Claire said...

Thanks for dropping by to let me know about your site - it was driving me mad!

Yes, they're our hens and bunny. Getting on the windowsill is a new thing for him and we're not certain how he's getting up there. Copying the hens, but how? Strange.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Umm, maybe the hens are giving him a lift, or perhaps he's the worlds first bun-ken... (I'm cringing, sorry to inflict on you too).

Dylan can jump quite high so perhaps your bunny is jumping up there (or the kids are playing tricks on you, lol!)

Claire said...

There's big plant tub near the window and I think he is managing it in a couple of big jumps.

Bun-ken lol