Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Ten New Years Resolutions

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1. Become more organised with all the general cooking, cleaning, general run of the mill stuff around the house. Get rid of the *breeding piles* - piles of books, piles of clothes, piles of shopping on the worktops. Eradicate piles!

2. Get out more often. There's always been a bit of a conflict here. I'm a very solitary creature who loves people. In the past couple of years I've allowed my solitary side to take over almost completely. Nana takes Hermione to most home ed things and I potter at home with Miles. This started because I had post natal depression but I don't now and I need to make the effort to get out and about again.

3. Spend more time nurturing myself. I don't want to be that *crunchy parent* I spoke of the other day. I need to take better care of myself starting perhaps with brushing my hair every day *blush*.

4. Spend more time studying. I am a student of The College of Natural Nutrition. I had glandular fever towards the end of 2006 and have never felt well since. My energy levels are low and I've gained lots of weight. I feel crap a lot of the time. After trying quite a few things to try to put myself right I decided to enroll with the college and embark on a learning journey which I hope I will enjoy, and may even have the added bonus of enabling me to restore my health.

5. Feel less guilt. This relates to number three (amongst other things). Given the choice to brush my hair or agree to read Miles yet another story I always choose the later - to choose the first in those circumstances would make me feel guilty. Perhaps guilt just comes with the territory of motherhood but I feel I need to keep reminding myself about the safety announcements on aeroplanes - you know about attaching your own air mask before your child's? Stop feeling guilty about looking after myself.

6. Freecycle more. I'm inclined to hoard and stagnate but when I do make the effort to move things on to more appropriate places it feels good. We have Freecycled loads this year, even Nana's old car which went to a youngster with learning difficulties and his Dad as a project for them to work on together. Hermione's main Christmas present, a bike, was a gift from Freecyle.

7. Sort out our rain harvesting system. I think there is a leak leading from the roof to the tanks and the tanks aren't filling evenly either. Need to sort this out sooner rather than later.

8. Find a Non Violent Communication group in travel able distance, or alternatively see if there would be interest in setting one up round here. I've tried to practice this for years and have lots of books and Cd's but I think it would be better if I could go to a practice group to bounce scenarios off other people. Really need to be giving more thought about how I communicate, particularly with Hermione who is reaching a more challenging stage in her day to day exchanges. Sick of things becoming loud and heated.

9. Complete the tapestries my sister bought me for Christmas. I really enjoy crafts but must confess to being better at starting than finishing them.

10. Learn to play the keyboard which has been gathering dust in the loft for the past year. Would ideally like to play the piano as I did as a child but keyboards have the bonus of a volume switch for when small people are sleeping or Craig is working.

Was going to say something about keeping the playroom tidy but realise that would be wholly unrealistic around here. I've no doubt it will continue to look ransacked throughout 2008.


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Great list!

Very detailed too, I think I took the lazy way out when I did mine (as few words as possible, lol!)

Anonymous said...

Very detailed and thoughtful list :0) Good luck!!

Wobblymoo said...

Mine is the same as your number one, just as it was last year. I still have piles of stuff on my desk :) The college course sounds fascinating :)