Sunday, 6 January 2008

Shades of blue

We went to the beach today and I admired the shades of blue (and grey) as the kids played on the sand for almost two hours, seemingly oblivious to the biting cold.

They were reluctant to leave even after all that time, but I had forgotten my gloves and felt like my finger ends were about to drop off.

Hermione searched for treasures.

Miles pottered happily with a bucket and spade.

I think there's something rather surreal about being the only people on the beach. That huge expanse of water set out before you seems even more vast somehow.

As the children messed we chattered and Craig recounted details of a programme he had heard on Radio Four about how virtually every beach on our planet is now polluted by plastics, even the Arctic. What a sad and disturbing thought.

This evening I decided to try to check out the pollution levels of our local beaches. I came across the Marine Conservation Society website which lists beaches and indicates the results of tests they have carried out into pollution amongst other things. I'm not sure how scientific their testing is and to how high of a standard they test but I do feel marginally reassured that the vast majority of our local beaches have passed their testing process.

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Amanda said...

OOh I love going to the beach in winter and having the whole place to ourselves!!!! Worth get cold for!!

SOS ia organisation againt ocean/beach pollution.