Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Alphabet weaving etc

Winter has arrived I'm sure. Yesterday morning it was 2 degrees when we set off for the local play park. The ice didn't budge from the bottom of the slide all day. Today has been a little warmer but I did spot a gritter lorry this afternoon. Time to stoke the fire, wear furry boots and eat satsumas.

We did a bit of alphabet weaving.

Decided to photograph two of Hermione's recent ceramic creations while they are still intact. Another recent creation is now chipped and I'm sad to say I could be responsible.

The rabbit makes me think of chocolate - the Lindt Bunnies you see around Easter time.


4kidsandadog said...

Is there a system to alphabet weaving?

I love the ceramics, Z has done a few, must do some more:0)

Claire said...

No system as such :-) I cut out a zig zag shape from very robust card and wrote the letters of the alphabet on it by each inverted v shape. I made sure that when in order of the alphabet they alternated from one side to the other so that she could loop the wool from one side to the other.