Saturday, 3 November 2007

Where has the week gone to?

Time is galloping on by. I think this post will have to be just a 'highs' and 'lows' of the week.

Lots of 'highs' I'm pleased to say.

Nana bought Hermione a sparkly cowboy hat for £1 and both Hermione and Miles have spent hours playing with it all week. Miles in particular is very into dressing up at the moment. Even at the end of the day it's difficult to separate him from his hat, hand bag and Hermione's crocs.

Nana and Hermione went to a workshop at the Centre For Life earlier in the week. They also had a session in the planetarium there. Hermione had enjoyed it although not as much as some of the other workshops she has attended there. If I remember rightly her exact words were, 'Yeah it was really great Mum' but you know, outer space and stuff just ain't my thing'. I'm pleased she was able to enjoy and still see benefit in going along to hear about something which 'ain't her thing'. Also really pleased she felt able to say how she felt about it knowing that she wouldn't be placed under any pressure. Oh, the benefits of home education!

We haven't had the time for much 'formal' stuff this week. The weather has been wonderful for the time of year so we have spent more time in the garden and at local parks. We did however dip into Story of The World and tried our hand at writing cuneiform on a clay tablet. The plan is to try our hand at some hieroglyphics on a handmade scroll next week.

The 'lows' included breaking down at Chester Park earlier in the week. I had to call Craig at work to come and rescue us and it transpired that there was so much junk under the front passenger seat that a battery clip had somehow come undone *blush*. Also, this evening we went to a local firework display and bonfire. Both Miles and Hermione loved the huge fire but were both terrified of the fireworks, Miles particularly so. He was almost hysterical as I cuddled him and dashed towards the car. I gave him some aconite for shock when we got back home, bless him.

That's it for now. It's been a fleeting visit.


Wobblymoo said...

Doesn't Miles look great, my two love dressing up too. Hermione's cuneiform looks brilliant too, makes me appreciate a pen and keyboard :)

Claire said...

It's great to *see* you :-) I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you around the blog rings in a little while and was wondering if you were ok.