Monday, 19 November 2007

Christmas Cake....

.. a work in process.

I decided this morning that it was time to make the Christmas Cake. It was one of those things which for some unknown reason suddenly became urgent.

Unfortunately lots of hands didn't make light work. To the contrary it became quite stressful. Only got so far as chopping all the fruit and putting it in to soak. Hopefully will get so far as the cooking stage tomorrow.

Miles has done more works of art. Faces with eyes and noses. Some also had mouths and hair but they are buried somewhere under a mound of paper on the kitchen floor.

Discussed the more deep and meaningful aspects of the season with Nana today and have decided that we will have both a christian nativity scene and a pagan/nature oriented yule scene on the sideboard this year. Currently we don't actually have either and I'm hoping Hermione will join in making both with a little help.


Anonymous said...

My parents are/were English and we always had Christmas cake and Christmas Pudding every Christmas.

Your post brings back so many memories. When my mother was alive, she would do it. Since she died two years ago, my sister and I have kept up with the puddings, but have yet to make a Christmas cake.

I am so glad that you found my blog. I look forward to having you join in for "Thankful" next week. I am "Thankful to have found your blog!"

Anonymous said...

I also should have mentioned that for the last two weeks we have had a homeschooler from Spain who joined in (Maria), so I love that we are "going international" with this!