Monday, 26 November 2007

Unplugged Project - Thankful

This week we joined in The Weekly Unplugged Project organised by Mom Unplugged at Unplug Your Kids. The theme for the week was 'thankful'.

I asked Hermione what she would like to do for the project and she decided she would like to make a 'thankful mobile'. I was originally a little confused and apprehensive but it turned out really well and we both had a lot of fun making it.

We made four pyramid type shapes and stuck them together to make the basic shape. Hermione then thought of four main areas in her life for which she is thankful - family, food, home and moon.

She made a pop up label for each area and wrote lots of relevant words on small pieces of paper to stick in each section. She decorated each section with pictures we found in magazines. I don't think the pictures really represent her thoughts - it was more a case of what we could find - thinking in particular about pictures of after shave and wedding dresses here!

She cut out and decorated lots of butterfly shapes to string from the main mobile. A couple of the ones hanging from the family section had pictures of her and Miles on.

We had great fun making the mobile and Hermione is very proud of it.

During the course of doing the mobile we got round to talking about Thanksgiving. We found information on the Internet about it and read about the pilgrims, the Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving celebrations. We did a Thanksgiving word search, looked at pictures of turkeys and located America on our world map.

Last night we had a Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. We had never had pumpkin pie before and it was delicious - made by our friend Soo who joined us for dinner. With a little help Hermione explained to everyone about the first Thanksgiving and we all had a lovely evening.


Heather said...

That is a wonderful project. Your daughter is very talented.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! The "thankful mobile" is very nicely done and looks wonderful hanging from the ceiling. One of the things I like about giving a simple one-word idea is seeing what people come up with. I would not have thought of that mobile, and it is really very clever and educational (we'll have to do that ourselves sometime).

It sounds like you had a traditional American Thanksgiving feast. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have always thought that pumpkin pie must not sound very appealing to those who have never tried it, but it is truly the spices that make it so yummy. Happy Thanksgiving!

(I hope you enjoyed this and that you'll take part in next week's project too.)

soo said...

The pyramid mobile on thanksgiving is excellent.

Andrée said...

That is a wonderful and meaningful mobile. I'm glad you liked your first pumpkin pie. I can't imagine life without it! Welcome to the Unplugged Project and I look forward to your future posts. (My project is buried way down on my blog at

Happy holidays!

Wobblymoo said...

Wow, that mobile is something very special, what a great idea

Helen said...

Wow! that is a great mobile!!! I love it, and Uncle Brian thinks it is really cool to!!
Lv Aunty Helen