Thursday, 22 November 2007

Mostly Miles

Time to catch up on what Miles is doing these days.

He still likes listening to stories and his favourite books right now are The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, The Very Lazy Ladybird by Isobel Finn and We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury.

Lots of drawing and painting.

Lots of matching activities, squishy foam jigsaws and sorting games.

He plays with Hermione much more now. By and large they seem to enjoy each others company.

We go to a toddler gym/play session twice a week at a local gym academy. Miles loves it. I quite like it. It's not like lots of toddler groups. The toys are spotlessly clean and there is no coffee and biscuit culture which I'm pleased about. Miles runs around playing and I run around after him, looking increasingly dishevelled (if that's possible), wondering how all of the yummy mummys there manage to look like they have just stepped out of a salon. How do they do it? I feel I'm doing well if my hairs been brushed that day, both sides of my nursing bra are fastened (have been known to go to these places looking somewhat asymmetrical) and there are no gungy bits on me from the rice cracker that Miles ate in the car on the way there. It does make me think.

Health Visitor phoned last week to say she intended to call round that morning. Cheek of the woman - I think that was almost tantamount to being doorstepped! I trotted out my usual 'don't call me, I'll call you if I need you' speech but then I hesitated and thought about Miles's speech. I decided to have her round after all. What a mistake. She hummed and hahed, said she thought he was bright as a button and that I would just have to *make* him talk. I asked her how exactly I was to do that and she said that I shouldn't give him anything unless he speaks and asks for it. Hmmm, she obviously hasn't read any of the many studies carried out into attempting to force children's development. If there's one thing worse than having a nanny state which insists on dispensing advice it's having a nanny state which insists on dispensing bad advice!

I'm going to stop worrying about his speech. I'm sure it will happen in time. It's improving all the time. I'm certainly not going to force the issue. What a ridiculous thought.


Wobblymoo said...

Claire, don't worry too much about Miles speech, Nathan didn't talk until he was 3, we had been on the waiting list for speech therapy for weeks and then all of a sudden he started to talk in sentences . Miles has plenty of time yet :)

Anonymous said...

echoing wobbly moo. imho boys tend to talk less/later than girls. I found that M was late talker but he had Z who would talk for him iyswim. But M di start talking on his own at around 3.

Claire said...

I know I shouldn't worry. I'm not that worried now thankfully. Just had this paranoid moment when I started over analysing some areas of his development and started putting two and two together and reaching all sorts of conclusions...Not a good thing to do.

ruth said...

Yes one of my boys didn't speak at all until he was nearly 4 and then it all poured out. As long as he can hear I am sure he will do it in his own time.