Saturday, 10 November 2007

Show Time

Today was Hermione's dance show for Children in Need. It's been hectic what with a long dress rehearsal yesterday and rehearsals starting at 2.00pm today ready for the 6.00pm start of the show. I've just tucked her up into bed, exhausted.

The dance school she goes to is great. There is no pressure to take exams or dance the *right* way. The emphasis is on having fun. I hate all this high pressure stuff you hear of, kids being pushed by parents to dance every night even when they don't want to.

Everyone had put a huge amount of effort into the show. I don't know yet how much was raised but I hope it will be lots.

My only little grumble with the dance shows (and it is a minor grumble) is that I always send her along fresh faced and radiant, yet they always manage to turn her into someone I scarcely recognise. She has so much hairspray on that her head feels like a helmet and as for the blue eye shadow, well, I say no more......

She isn't alone in the helmet hair do and scary blue eye shadow. They all have it. Strange transformations take place back stage. Bizarre isn't it?

Anyway, much fun was had by all and lots of money raised for a good cause. A win win situation!


Anonymous said...

Glad she enjoyed it :0)

The bright light wash out their features so thats the reason for scarey make up, (Z's friend is a lot of dance shows)

Wobblymoo said...

Gosh she really does look different, but at least it looks like there is a valid reason for it. Hope they raised lots